Tantive IV Entry Way – TruScale

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Bring the classic openings scene home with this diorama. Designed to fit inside your Ikea Besta, Ikea Stuva or stand alone you can place your Darth Vader and Storm Troopers, or your Rebel Fleet Troopers with Captain Antilles or your two favourite Droids!


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1/6 scale diorama for Ikea Besta Display cabinet or stand-alone diorama. Made from precision CNC cut, bent and painted aluminium, perspex and Forex. Measurements (WHD): 54 x 49 x 35 cm.

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  • 1x numbered limited edition plate
  • 1x aluminium floor
  • 2x bent aluminium sidewall
  • 2x Forex column I, laser engraved
  • 2x Forex column II, laser engraved
  • 8x Forex wall boxes
  • 8x double sided industrial strength mounting tape
  • 1x rubber door frame insert
  • 1x ceiling unit + maximum brightness warmwhite LED
  • 1x back wall with 8 LED lights
  • 8x grey and white wall greeblies
  • 4x LED plates
  • 4x column grills
  • 1x double sided forex graphic print
  • 1x 12v Power adapter + 4 world power plugs
  • 1x door
  • 1x green screw plug
  • 1x Decal Sheet


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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 37 x 55 x 49 cm

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