1/6 Darth Vader Meditation Chamber diorama – Truscale


Recreate the classic scenes from The Empire Strikes Back with your Sideshow or Hot Toys Darth Vader inside his meditation pod. Final environment to be determined. The 3D image shows the entire model, but much of that will have to be cut out to make it a manageable diorama in 1/6 scale. Perfect for HOT TOYS MMS 452 DARTH VADER, EMPIRE STRIKES BACK




The Darth Vader Meditation Chamber from Star Wars Empire Strikes back.

Perfect for the upcoming HOT TOYS MMS 452 DARTH VADER, the Meditation Chamber diorama as used by Darth Vader in his Star Destroyer in Empire Strikes Back was the second diorama that won the popular vote on Sideshowcollectors.com. We will be making a Detolf and a TruScale (medium/Besta/Stuva) sized diorama.



Shown with the optional telescoping arm to open and close the diorama. Projected inside an IKEA STUVA cabinet with a 1/6 hot toys vader for measurements.



Prototyping update:

Read more about the prototyping progress here

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 37 × 55 × 59 cm


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