On this page we’ll give answers to frequently asked questions about our products, the order process or the website in general. The page is under construction and will be updated regularly.

If your question is not mentioned here, please feel free to contact me at info@jazzincdesigns.com!

About Placed orders or Emails received regarding orders

The most likely scenario is that you ordered a Jazzinc product using a payment plan. When you place an order with a payment plan, your first installment gets an automatically generated order number. The monthly payments also get an individual, consecutive, order number. Those orders will get the status Scheduled. To be released upon pay date of that particular partial payment.

So if you placed an order with a 3 month payment plan and received, say, order number 10000, you will receive an email a month later that your monthly payment with order number 10001 is pending payment. The next month 10002 appears in your mail box and so on.

About your Account

You probably placed an order as a guest. This could either mean you were not logged in to your account or you don’t have one yet. If you do no have an account yet, please register an account so you will have a place to see your orders, your payments and your scheduled, future payment.

Please mail us at info@jazzincdesigns.com stating the order number and we’ll link it to your account.

Some products that are marked as Pre orders will show up on the Pre orders tab once ordered. The same order will also appear on the Orders tab.

When an order is being paid for (status Completed, Partially paid or Processing) it’s in the Orders tab with just a View-button on the right. When an order is pending payment (e.g. when you’ve used a payment plan) you’ll also see it in this tab, with a Pay button on the right.

When you’re using a payment plan the monthly payments that are not yet up for payment are in the Scheduled tab. You can wait for them to be ‘released’ (you’ll find an email in your inbox when that happens) but you can also pay them early, by using the Pay button.

We really wouldn’t know! It’s a standard page in WooCommerce My Account and it’s supposed to show your Payment type, not your payments. We can’t change that (yet, we’re working on a redesign), so please just check the statuses of your orders to see if they are paid for or not. You can ignore the My Payments tab.

About Payment plans

Please go to your account page to check on your payments. An order is divided into monthly payments (each having an individual, consecutive order number). In your account you’ll see which ones have been paid for (Statusses Partially Paid, Processing or Completed) or not yet (Statusses Pending Payment and Scheduled). You can easily distinguish the ones unpaid by the Pay button right next to it.

Although we really like it when you want to pay of your payment plan, we can’t re-combine the monthly orders. We’ll have to ask you to log in to your account and pay off each individual payment.

The payment plan always consists of the number of months you selected plus the deposit. So, if you ordered something using a three month payment plan, you will have four payments in the plan. If you order something using a six-month payment plan, it will consist of seven payments. We do not charge interest for our payment plans, so the price will check out.

As explained in the question above, payment plans always consist of the number of months you select plus the initial deposit, so if you want to know your monthly amounts ahead of time, just add one to the number of months you select and divide that the price by that number.

The answer to that is hidden in the second question. The plug-ins we use only allow us to charge shipping and Paypal fees at the start, so we cannot change that and charge shipping or fees at the end of a payment plan, and that is also the reason why the first deposit is different from the rest of the deposits.

No. When your payment is due, you get an email and you have to hit the pay button. Preferably as soon as possible, but there’s usually no rush. When a product is ready to ship and you don’t want to miss the first shipment, you would want to have paid all pending deposit payments. You can check your account to see which ones are still due.

On the day you placed your order. So if you ordered on April 21, your next payments will be due May 21, June 21, and so on.

About Shipment dates

Some of the products at Jazzinc Dioramas are ready for shipment the moment you order, but most of them are still in production or even the design phase the moment you place your order. The product page shows you the estimated period of shipment at that moment.

During that period from prototyping to an actual product ready to be shipped a lot can happen however – a Corona crisis to name one for example… – and shipment dates change. At this page we’ll give you the latest estimates per product that’s not yet available.

ProductReady for Shipment
LandspeederJune 2020
Millennium Falcon Main Cargo Hold – TruScaleJune 2020
Tantive IV Rebel Runner Entry Way – Truscale DX 45cm, Truscale 35cmJuly 10 2020
Justice Mobile (second slot) – Base, Deluxe, Upgrades and Diorama baseJuly 2020
Millennium Falcon Cockpit – Ultimate, Upgrade and DXAug 2020
Bat Mobile 1966Oct/Dec 2020
The SignalDec 2020
Iron ScavengerDec 2020 / Jan 2021
1989 BatwingFebr 2021
Millennium Falcon Main Cargo Hold – Extension regular, DX extensionMarch 2021
BvS Cave Justice Computer Lab – TruScale, UltimateApr 2021
Tatooine and Jakku Moisture VaporatorApr 2021
Estimates as per May 7 2020

This page is under construction, new FAQ’s will be added regularly. If your question is not mentioned here, please feel free to contact me at info@jazzincdesigns.com or leave a comment below!

13 Responses

  1. Arvin Santiago Salazar
    | Reply

    do you ship internationally? I am currently residing in Perth.

    • Joost Assink
      | Reply

      We ship worldwide and we have several clients in Australia

  2. Tjia,Henry Kianto C
    | Reply

    where do you based? China?

  3. Arvin Santiago Salazar
    | Reply

    Thanks may i know roughly how much is the shipping?

  4. Fernando Montiel Vega
    | Reply

    Make shipments to Mexico? What would it cost? I’m interested in The Signal – Die cast Searchlight for Detolf or Stand Alone

    • Joost Assink
      | Reply

      Yes sir, we ship to Mexico. It’s not cheap, so if you have a US address it will be much cheaper, but shipping the signal to the US is $75,85

  5. Ganesvara Gautama
    | Reply

    Dear Team, can you advise on the height of the Justice league batmobile with door opening upwards? Thanks!

    • Joost Assink
      | Reply

      Hi the 1/6 justice mobile has a height of almost 60cm with the door opening upwards (around 59.1 cm to be exact)

  6. geffa.oliveira
    | Reply

    Shipping of the 1/12 Batmobile to Europe (Latvia) is 80 dollars, but shipping to USA is only $30. How’s possible if you’re shipping from Europe?

    • Joost Assink
      | Reply

      Since we ship most our stuff to the USA that’s where the biggest discount is with Fedex.

  7. geffa.oliveira
    | Reply

    What courier are you using in Europe?
    When I ship relatively big boxes like a Batmobile, I would recommend using DPD http://www.dpd.com
    They are present in many, if not all, european countries.

    Shipping a big box from UK to Latvia costed me about 35 pounds. 🙂

    Might consider for future shipments

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